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Not All Nanopores

Are Created Equal

NorthShore Bio is developing a silicon semiconductor-based molecular detection platform based on a proprietary nanopore technology combining synthetic, solid-state, tunable nanopores for direct single molecule detection and integrated digital output.

The initial platform applications are on direct RNA sequencing, and “Fourth” Generation DNA sequencing with major advances in read length, resolution, data analytics, and speed.

NorthShore Bio’s new generation of molecular detection draws on methods and expertise harnessed from the silicon microchip industry. As the technology advances, it is expected to enable sequencing read lengths of >50,000bp, enabling sequencing of a whole human genome in less than 5 hours.  NSB’s chip platform also scales nicely into diagnostics applications, potentially enabling multiplexed assays at a fraction of their current cost.



“The human genome has not been completely sequenced, and neither has any other mammalian genome as far as I’m aware.”

Quote by George Church, PhD
“…Psst, the Human Genome was Never Completely Sequenced.”  by Sharon Begley,
Stat News, June 2017


Technical and comuputational challenges have limited the availability of genome wide data, and data on RNA transcription.

NCBI and NorthShore Bio


The NorthShore Bio platform can be a real game-changer, enabling high-resolution, long read, direct DNA and RNA sequencing.

Dr. Gordon Holt, CSO, NorthShore Bio 


Reason one

Less than 10% of sequencing today is used in or applied to healthcare decisions.

Reason two

In an independent study, 78% of end-users say they need greater accuracy and/or read lengths from sequencing tools.

Reason three

Zero:  the number of sequencing tools that meet payer criteria for widespread clinical adoption (resolution providing actionable data combined with low cost).

What People ARE Saying

“…Psst, the Human Genome was never completely sequenced”


by Sharon Begley
Stat News, June 2017

“The human genome has not been completely sequenced, and neither has any other mammalian genome as far as I’m aware.”

George Church, PhD
Harvard Medical School Bioengineer


“This (NorthShore Bio) could be a real game-changer.”


Dr. Leroy Hood, MD, PhD
President of the Institute for Systems Biology


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