Simplicity, accuracy, speed, and scale at a low cost


NorthShore Bio’s proprietary silicon semiconductor chips with arrays of integrated nanowells is a platform to enable a new generation of molecular measurement to unlock information never-before discoverable.


The key innovation centers around NorthShore Bio’s synthetic, solid-state nanopore platform.  Because NorthShore’s approach to  sequencing measures each (single) molecule’s electrical signature as it transits the nanopore; therefore the system simply requires native DNA and RNA without the requirement for tagging, labeling, leading to complex pH measurements or optical detection.

Each molecule’s electrical signature is assessed using NorthShore’s proprietary AI and machine learning-based nucleotide identification software, leading to a Direct-to-Digital™ output.

While other platforms struggle with substrate stability,complex chemistries, and signal differentiation challenges, NorthShore benefits from a simplified, label-free, direct single molecule detection platform enabled by mature silicon semiconductor fabrication techniques and economics coupled with the creation of synthetic solid-state tunable nanopores resulting in a stable platform technology which can be used for a myriad of applications, including:


  • Direct, electrical DNA sequencing
  • Direct, electrical RNA sequencing
  • Ion channels and other protein receptors for drug discovery and research
  • Biothreat / pathogen detection
  • DNA as a memory medium
Simple.  Digital.  Sample in.  Answer out.


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