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At the Interface Between Biology, Nanotechnology, and Life Science Data


To revolutionize molecular detection for research, environmental, safety, and diagnostics markets.

To be leaders in direct electrical sensing technology and services that deliver high-value, cost-effective, tools, systems, and data which enable our customers to excel.

To be the premier biomedical sensor, analytics, and services provider by harnessing our unique, chip-based nanotechnologies and deploying them into the molecular detection market.


Jonathan DeHart

Founder, President & CEO

More than 20 years of entrepreneurial accomplishment. Jonathan led the creation and launch of 3 electronic engineering & services companies while at Stuttgart, Germany based Mercedes-Benz technology. Jonathan joined Intel Corporation in 2001, and Intel Capital/NBI in 2003 where he drove business incubation efforts in computing, optics, automotive and biotechnology. Prior to MBtech and Intel, Jonathan was part of a team that created the ‘All-Activity-Vehicle’ product category for Mercedes-Benz. He went on to manage capital investments for the $1.2B development of the Mercedes-Benz M Class, during the construction of its factory and the product launch. Jonathan earned a BBA with honors and holds certificates in Finance and General Management. He’s an active angel investor and advisory board member for Tyfone Inc. and Washington State University’s Business School.

Gordon Holt, PhD

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Gordon earned a BA in Chemistry from Washington University (Magna Cum Laude) and a PhD in Bio-chemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins Medical School where he was recognized with the Paul Ehrlich Basic Science Research Award (the medical school’s highest honor). Gordon went on to lead research and discovery in genetics and proteomics at the National Institutes of Health. He joined Oxford Glycosciences as Director of Science Development led a team that advanced the first bio-tech proteomics compound from bench to market. After the company sold, he joined Intel Capital’s Bio-chip team in 2004 as Director of Science and Business Development where he guided the development of an industry-first silicon-based label-free direct electrical single molecule detection array platform. Gordon has served as an expert panelist, including with the FDA, a featured speaker at numerous con-ferences and has more than 20 peer reviewed publications. Gordon is the author, or co-author, of more than 20 patents and patent applications.

Mark Dumaine

Founder & Engineering Director

Mark is a twenty-five year semiconductor industry veteran. He began his career at IBM, working in semiconductor manufacturing engineering and process R&D. He later became an all-purpose problem solver LSI Logic while further honing his analog to digital expertise. Mark then spent five years at Intel Corpration’s New Business Initiatives group, developing semiconductor bio-sensors. Mark is a Certified Quality Engineer by ASQ, and a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Washington Microfabrication Facility. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science from SUNY in New Paltz.

Karl Maurer, PhD

Lead Scientist

Dr. Maurer received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from UC – Berkley, and a PHD degree in Chemistry from UC – Los Angeles. He served as a Principal Research Scientist at CombiMatrix Corp. and CustomArray Inc. prior to joining NorthShore Bio. He has published extensively in peer reviewed journals on various topics in electrochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and DNA array technology. Dr. Maurer has also been an invited speaker regarding his work at international conferences. He has four patents on key aspects of electrochemistry, DNA array construction, and antiviral therapeutics.

Garret Holt

Research Tech

Garret holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington.  He worked from 2011-2012 at Eagle Harbor Tech, Inc. developing ultra-high vacuum and surface analsyis systems.  Since 2009, he has been active in the Seattle maritime field, particularly as a designated engineer and board member for The Steamer Virginia V Foundation.  He has been a part of NorthShore Bio since 2013 as a research tech and engineer.

Jason Bowne, J.D., MBA

Director of Finance and Business Operations

Prior to joining NorthShore Bio, Jason supported a large corporate VC in their efforts to incubate innovative healthcare service and HCIT products and services.  Prior to that, he was an associate at Attalus Capital where he covered macroecnomic portfolio management and was responsible for leading Attalus’ efforts in launching its first direct-trading hedge fund.  At M.D. Sass Investors in New York City, he was hired into the General Counsel’s office to support the firm’s $270M venture fund, and the companies that fund incubated.  Jason began his career at HedgeOp (now, Cordium Consulting), a private research consulting firm for private equity and hedge fund managers.  He holds a BA in Political Science from Lafayette College, a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School, and an MBA in Finance and Security Valuation from the University of Florida. 

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