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NorthShore Bio (NSB) is developing a silicon-chip Molecular Detection Platform based on a proprietary, hybrid nanopore technology that combines solid-state, tunable nanopores with direct single molecule detection and integrated digital output. The initial focus is on direct RNA sequencing, and "next" generation DNA sequencing with major advances in read length, resolution, data analytics, and speed.

NSB's new generation of molecular detection platform draws on methods harnessed from the silicon microchip industry. As the technology advances, it is expected to enable sequencing read lengths of >50,000bp, enabling sequencing of a whole human genome in less than 5 hours and at a cost of less than $500. NSB's chip platform also scales nicely into diagnostics applications, potentially enabling multiplexed assays at a fraction of their current cost.

While still in development, NSB has successfully conquered several key hurdles on the way to a Proof of Concept, including demonstrating label-free single molecule detection (of DNA base transits).

NSB's has a growing IP estate, including core issued patents.